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For Peter...

It´s not long time ago that I wanted know if someone ever lived like me now.  But I forgot at my "brother". I forgot at story of Peter and Maria.

It´s Peter who showed me the RP world on Facebook. It´s place where he met Maria. It was two years ago. He was go to her in Canada often from Czech Republic and before month they had wedding together.

But yesterday, Peter has an accident and before 5 hours he died....

I hope that you are better now in the heaven about what you always talked. Thank you for all. I thank you for be my "brother". Thank you for show me virtual world because I would never met my love without you.

Thank you for our funny moments and for always believe me.

And I´m sorry for be wicked with you when you came back for a while from Canada.

Always in my  and forever you will be. I love you Petr Elger.



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